The app to easily rate players. Spend more time watching the match, less watching your notes.



Manage your profile and make it easy to sent the report by e-mail after the match.


Manage the skills on which players need to be rated. These skills will automatically be shown when a rating is given.


Add keywords to a skill. The keywords make it possible to store extra information about a rating.



Add matches that are going to be assessed. These matches can be added manually or automatically via a data supplier (Opta for example).


Adding players can be done manually or automatically via a data supplier. Key players can be selected and will appear in the first tab so they are easily accessible.


The line-up can be setup by dragging players to their positions.
Substitutions can be made during the match.
It is possible to make a screenshot of each line-up. These screenshots will be added to the report.


It only takes three simple steps to register a rating: Player, Skill, Rating.
Ratings are saved and can be viewed or changed at any given time.


After a match the report can be sent by e-mail. The scout can finish the report based on this e-mail in the system used by the club.


We can brand the app in your club colors

The app can be used on a smartphone or tablet and available for iOS as well as Android.


Easy to use

Spent more time watching the match

Quickly register a rating

Clear report by e-mail